Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hiking in Linville Gorge Again.

One of the many nice things about being semi-retired is that I can enjoy the outdoors pretty much when I freaking please. So I did some hiking last week. One of the places I went was the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area. It has a relatively compact trail system and I've hiked most of it. I didn't have time for a long loop hike so I headed west and did a couple of shorter hikes, one of which I'd never done and one that I'd only hiked once.

Here then, briefly, are two video compositions I did of the hikes.

Typical rocky trail scene in Linville Gorge.

This is where I decided to eat lunch.

16-minute video of part of the hike down.

Grandfather Mountain was dusted in snow. I took this photo from the flanks of Hawksbill Mountain.
Shot this one with my GoPro on photo setting.
Mainly time-lapse of the hike to the summit of Hawksbill Mountain and back down.

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