Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The area where we were camping has a lot of waterfalls. Quite a few. I'm surprised that more people aren't aware of the wealth of waterfalls in West Virginia. Parts of the state have as many (or more) waterfalls per square mile as North Carolina's Highlands area which is far more well known.

Because my hip was acting up, I couldn't hike to out of the way waterfalls as I normally do. But there were plenty of falls that were accessible roadside or down short trails and boardwalks. Here, then are some of the waterfalls we observed on our trip to Camp Creek State Park.

Mash Fork Falls. This one was a short stroll from our campsite.

Sandstone Falls. The entire New River plunges over a sandstone cliff. For volume, the most impressive waterfall I have seen in West Virginia, as it encompasses the width of the very wide New River.

One cannot capture the falls in its entirety.

There is much power in this waterfall.

Some sections of Sandstone Falls are more spectacular than others.

The upper section of Pipestem Falls. The flow here was anemic.

I don't know the name of this falls. It's roadside on the way to Thurmond. It was easily the prettiest waterfall that we observed.

And part of the little Mash Fork Falls again.

And, the unnamed fall heading to Thurmond.

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