Thursday, July 09, 2015


I'm working hard to finish what I have promised will be the last zombie book I will ever write. Yeah, I know: 'Never say never'. But this is it, for me. No more zombie novels. With any luck at all I should wrap it all up by Saturday and get it to my publisher.

Then I have two more projects to polish off. A fantasy novel to hand in to my agent and another book I'll be working on with an old friend (details later).

Today, I picked up an old comic. This is the way it is with comic book collecting. You stumble upon something that's nowhere near your target for collecting, but the  price is right or it just seems like a weird and unique item. So it was with TOP SECRETS #5. It's just a strange little title from the Golden Age that had never even registered for me. But the cover and some of the interior artwork is by Bob Powell who often turned in unique and borderline brilliant work. His cover art here is intriguing and the price was right, so I bought it.

TOP SECRETS #5, cover art by Bob Powell.

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