Saturday, July 11, 2015

Camping Friends!

While we were camping at Van Hook Glade we had company. Carole's friend from work Kelley Parker and her husband Adam and their little boy, Logan. Kelley is a nurse where my wife works as a surgical tech in the maternity ward. Adam is a police officer. Their son, Logan reminded us so much of our son, Andy at the same age (five) that he was nothing but fun for us to see and hear.

I think this was their first family camping trip. Kelley had found our many camping adventures so interesting that she wanted to join us and see what it was all about. Even though it rained on us all for four days straight, they still had a good time and we saw a lot of beautiful scenery and waterfalls. My impression is that Logan really enjoyed the forests and the streams because he sure was smiling a lot as he raced up and down the trails, leaving us all in his wake.

Kelley, Adam, and Logan on the top of Whiteside Mountain.

Logan, Adam, Kelley, and Carole cross Laurel Creek on the way to Laurel Falls.

Kelley, Logan, and Carole.

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