Monday, February 09, 2015

Rough Job

As it says in the author description, I'm a laborer. Specifically, I deliver mail for the United States Postal Service. It's a tough job. Toughest I've ever had. But I'm reminded of a Marty Feldman quote whenever I think it can't get any worse.

Yeah, there aren't too many things more miserable than working in the cold rain. It sucks. It sucks chimp ass.

However, I arrived home to find that I'd filled in another bit in my Jack Kirby collection. My copy of FANTASTIC FOUR #19 arrived. And actually in a little nicer shape than the seller had indicated. I'm quite happy with it, and relieved to be home and out of the freaking rain.

My copy of FANTASTIC FOUR #19, written and illustrated by Jack Kirby.


Kirk Greenfield said...

Wow~ Considering how "Key" this silver age Marvel Comic has become over the years (situation revisited no less than three times to my knowledge) and launching litterally dozens of storylines... I am amazed that you could even score a copy at all! What would one hope to pay for this gem?

dogboy443 said...

Trade you your rain for our snow! Another 9 inches yesterday and 3-5 coming in on THursday.

James Robert Smith said...

Kirk: I paid less than $50 for this copy. A higher grade book would go for a whole lot more. But I intentionally purchase lower grade comics because I like to actually read my old comics.

James Robert Smith said...

Mark: Yeah, you guys have been hammered with snow. We haven't had so much as a snowflake this year. It's looking like we won't see any snow at all this winter here in Charlotte.