Sunday, October 05, 2014


I received a copy of NOMAD #1 created, written, and illustrated by Mark Masztal. Now, everyone here knows that I do not generally like the world of self-publishing. But I have always made an exception for self-published comics. I think this is due on large part to my experience in having found many self-published comics of high quality. Which is in sharp contrast to the fact that I have never found a high quality self-published novel (not even once).

So it's not a contradiction for me to enjoy self-published comic books or to promote them when I do find ones that I like.

Masztal has here created a fusion of space opera and the superhero genre. In this first issue we are introduced to the hero and given the origin for him and that of his sentient ship. (There's a nice twist to the origin that I quite liked.) Nomad is the classic champion with a dark slant (he's both implacable and not generous with mercy when it comes to his antagonists).

If you enjoy old-time space opera you should get a kick out of this book. I'm looking forward to the next issue and I hope it's a great success for Mark Masztal.

Origin issue. Created, written, and illustrated by Mark Masztal.

Inspired interiors!


william said...

I wish I would afford comics any more. I used to have over 10,000! Then, because I was also an active alcoholic just starting my death spiral in earnest, I sold them all and drank the cash I got.

dogboy443 said...

Thanks Bob, much appreciated!

James Robert Smith said...

Alas! I've heard that story more often than you know.

James Robert Smith said...

No problem, Mark!