Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Awning

Well...we picked up the travel trailer from the service department. The folk there were kind enough to have a guy show up and open the joint just for us on Sunday! Nice people!

They fixed the leak in the on-board water system, and the new awning looks great. However, the second I got it home and opened the awning, a plastic locking piece broke off in my hands. Like...well, like cheap plastic. Because of my work schedule this week I can't take it back in before we leave for vacation. So we will take the trailer with us to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and deal with the broken awning part when we return.

I'm happy with the look of the new awning and the way in operates, but major-league upset over how such an important piece broke in my hand as soon as I used it for the very first time. And why would a manufacturer make something out of flimsy plastic that has to be used in such a manner?!

Hopefully they'll fix it when we get back. Stay tuned.

Casita-girl at the service center! We missed her!

I open the awning at home to get the feel of how it operates.

And the locking piece snaps off in my hand! DAMN!!!

The other leg. This is how it's supposed to look. NOT BROKEN!

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