Sunday, April 13, 2014

Additions to My Comic Collection.

In my quest to collect every issue of THE FANTASTIC FOUR written and illustrated by its single creator, Jack Kirby, I landed four books that I didn't have today. Now, with the exception of #48, I have every issue that Kirby did after #20. Hopefully, I'll find a decent copy of #48 soon. Then I'll concentrate on getting all of the issues that I don't have before #20.

I've always liked this cover. Not sure exactly why, except that it intrigued me and impressed me when I was a kid. The Mad Thinker ended up becoming one of the villains that Kirby utilized the most in his run as writer/illustrator of FANTASTIC FOUR. Toward the end, I think he was using him so much to avoid creating any new characters for his employers to steal from him.

This was another cover that grabbed my attention and would not let go when I was a kid.

One of the first continued storylines to be used by Kirby in the book.

This one had been very tough for me to locate! It's the first appearance of Kirby's brilliant character, The Black Panther, aka T'Challa, Prince of Wakanda. Rumor is that the Panther will become a movie character in the near future, so the value of the book has been on the ascendancy.


Kirk G said...

As you assemble all those "decent copies" of the first 20 FF stories, may I ask a humble favor? Please alert me to the "less decent copies" that are complete, but in less than desirable condition. That is, i don't care if it's in fair, good or fine long as the cover is attached, the pages are all there, and it's not ripped. I don't have any of the first 15 issues and doubt that I'll ever be able to spend more than about $5 a piece to get them. THanks!

James Robert Smith said...

I will keep my eyes peeled. I will go as low as "good minus" for some issues. I don't want them falling apart in my hands, as I like to read my old comics. I also don't generally go for coverless books, but I do encounter them.