Thursday, August 08, 2013

Yulee Sugar Mill

Somehow I never posted any of these photos. They're from The Yulee Sugar Mill, a state park site in Florida. Very small historical area that protects the remains of a sugar factory that was destroyed during the Civil War era. The work was damned hideous from reading the historical markers and could pretty much only be done with slave labor. No one would do this work unless they were forced to do so.

It's surprising how much of the machinery and construction are still intact after so many decades and under constant assault from the elements.

A highway goes right through the old site these days.

They keep it in good repair.

What really surprises me is how well the iron machinery has held up.

The sugar was produced through a series of boilers and evaporators. Tough, hot, back-breaking toil. Much of it was done by women.

Remains of evaporators. Each succession of processing would render the concoction closer and closer to pure cane sugar.

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