Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring Still Arriving.

Here it is almost summer in the Piedmont, and yet we arrived to find Spring yet to complete its unfurling at Grayson Highlands.

One thing that we both noticed as we strolled the forests at around 4,000 feet was that the trees had that new, almost emerald-green look about them. And the leaves were obviously fresh, fragile, not yet established.

And once we hit the really high ridges at or above 5,000 feet we saw that some of the trees were still in the process of leafing out, and some had not yet achieved even that feat!

Things like this impress upon me (even at this late date in my life) how fragile the Earth is.

New green. A different kind of green.
I'm ready to give up on macro photography until I can buy a decent macro lens.

On the high ridges (above 5,000 feet) the hardwoods hadn't leafed out yet.
Spruce trees making new growth.
New leaves just unfurling.
May 26 and this tree was just getting started on the new year of growth.

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