Saturday, December 01, 2012

Wanted: Solitude!

I need to go to a state park or wilderness. I need some solitude and clean air and Mother Nature's silence (no machinery).

Linville Gorge Wilderness area, taken along the Kistler Highway (name of the "highway" is misleading--it's actually a sometimes poorly maintained gravel road. the name is left over from days long past when it was, in fact, considered a major road).

Cathedral State Park in West Virginia. One of only a handful of patches of virgin hemlock forest remaining in the entire state.

Blackwater River Gorge in Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.

Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia.

South Mountains Game Lands, North Carolina.

Mackey Mountain old growth forest, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina.

I honestly can't recall the name of this waterfall. I want to say "Blue Hole" in eastern Tennessee.

Roan High Knob, Tennessee. (One of Tennessee's 6,000-foot summits.

The summit of Unaka Mountain on the TN/NC border. Walk west and you're in Tennessee. Stroll to the right and you're standing in North Carolina. The Appalachian Trail runs over the top.

Spruce trees in a heavy mist, summit of Unaka Mountain.


Kirk G said...

Please, can you lable to photos on where they were snapped? Isn't that one in Blackwater Falls State park?

HemlockMan said...

Let's see if I can recall them all...I'll give it a shot.

Kirk G said...

Thank you. It's always helpful to have locations!