Sunday, December 16, 2012

Comic Book Show Today

I went to the Charlotte Comicon today. It's a local one-day show that's always a lot of fun. The costume contest was especially good this time. I also completed my Amazing Spider-Man collection by nabbing the last two issues I needed.

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Amazing Spider-Man #2

The Joker needs no introduction.

This gentleman was dressed as Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin.

Gandalf the Gray and Bilbo Baggins were in attendance, also.


Kirk G said...

Ah those fans... dressing up like their favorite characters. I miss those days. We used to think THEY were the geeks. Now, if you DON'T dress up at a con, they think you're the weird one! HA!

James Robert Smith said...

Indeed. The first time I went to a convention and saw people in costume I thought it was the weirdest damned thing I'd ever witnessed (World Science-Fiction Convention 1986). Now it's normal.

Kirk G said...

I am experiencing a curious addiction. When I type in your blog web address, it takes a little while for the latest entry to load...I sit here in anticipation, waiting to see what new issue will pop up. The longer the wait, the more my anticipation. It's a special thrill when I see a new silver age Marvel pop up, or some Ditko work.
Does anyone else suffer from this malady, or am I the only one addicted to this blog?

James Robert Smith said...

I picked up a few more books in the past few days. Nothing major, but interesting stuff. I'll post them when I get the time to scan the books and write a little about the contents and the creators of same.

Ditko is still my passion, but as I fill in the last few big blanks in my Ditko collection I need to get started in a more serious way on my Kirby collection. I'll never complete that one, of course.