Friday, November 02, 2012

Mule Deer

When I was in Yellowstone I never got a decent photo of a Mule deer. I'd see them, but none cooperated in allowing me to take a good photo. So I was hoping to get a good photograph of a Mule deer while in Colorado.

And we did see them in large numbers. They were everywhere we went. In fact, they were probably the most common mammal I saw, not counting the bothersome ground squirrels.

So, I finally did get some photos of Mule deer, but not very good ones, I'm afraid.

I saw this deer at the Amphitheater Recreation Area above Ouray, Colorado.
In the Weminuche. Where the Mule deer roamed in great numbers while we were wandering around. But my photos of the deer we encountered totally suck. Alas.

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