Monday, November 19, 2012


Stuck in the office writing today. Dreaming of the great outdoors. Would rather be hiking. 

McAfee Knob, Appalachian Trail, Virginia.

Hoyt Peak, Yellowstone National Park.

Apple Orchard Falls, Apple Orchard Mountain, Virginia.

Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia.

Sally Queen Falls, South Mountains, North Carolina.

Avalanche Peak, Yellowstone National Park.

Comer's Creek Waterfall, Southwestern Virginia.


dogboy443 said...

You do visit some beautiful places. I'm extremely jealous.

HemlockMan said...

Well, these days the writing projects have taken front and center. I miss running off to the wilds as often as I once did.

Kirk G said...

God, what a view.
Could you post below or adjacent to each photo where it was taken? Some of us would like to go there ourselves!

HemlockMan said...