Thursday, July 05, 2012


Be careful what you wish for.

I've always wanted to be a busy writer. Lately I have so many writing projects that I can't find the time to go hiking, which is my great leisure time passion.

But I want to go hiking!
 I've got so many projects staring me down, from short stories to novels, that my free time is completely dominated by the keyboard and the word processor. For the next few months, at least. I've promised my agent a new novel to shop around, and that one looms large just now.

Oh, well. I asked for it.

"Get busy writing!" Says Sophie Cat.


dogboy443 said...

You could pick up a voice activated recorder, hike and let your mind wander as you dictate your next award winning novel!!!

HemlockMan said...

I actually tried that once. I didn't care for the results. Rod Serling wrote that way. He'd dictate into a tape recorder and then have the scripts/stories typewritten by a secretary. It amazes me that he was able to do that...just quote those words straight into the recorder that way.

Mark Rainey said...

It can be a balancing act to stay productive and stay fit. In 2007, I was productive as hell, but I was 30 lbs heavier, chained to a computer day in and day out, and my blood pressure and cholesterol were through the roof. I don't write nearly as much now, but I'm ten times healthier, physically and mentally. Well... physically.

HemlockMan said...

I used to be able to write a lot and still have time to hike. But the nature of my job now is that I'm so exhausted when I get home every day that I generally go to bed soon after getting out of the shower. It's my own fault, I reckon, for having a job of hard physical labor.

I signed contracts to write two novels and I am compelled to finish them with all due attention to detail. Thus, I am glued to the keyboard at least until September when I head to Colorado to go backpacking in the Weminuche Wilderness.