Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is a recounting of a dream I had a while back. Dreams are strange. Normally, I don't feel the need to write them down. Most of them are pretty pedestrian.


I dreamed Carole and Andy and I were renting this enormous, fantastic house perched atop a green, grassy mountain in some foreign land. A very friendly man dressed in khaki took us there and pointed out all of the features before he left. The house had a walkway you had to use that crossed a pond in front of the home. The view from the windows of the nearby mountains and an enormous, miles-long lake below were stunning; and all of the mountains were ablaze with rainbow hues of many-colored leaves. There was a mother cat with two tiny little kittens who were playing and swimming in the pond, along with ducks and geese. There was no lock on the front door, but if you felt you must, you could pull up part of the walkway, much as one pulls up a drawbridge, with a series of chains and pulleys. Only one other house was on the mountaintop, and two young women were staying there. We saw them walking in the meadow below our own house. There was but one, mild threat: a cliff that plunged hundreds and hundreds of feet down to the giant lake below; but we just had to be careful of it. And without it, the view would not have been so spectacular. Carole and I were planning to swim, but we couldn’t decide if we should swim in the pond at the house, or hike down to the giant lake and swim there.

And then I woke up.

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