Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jack & Amy Get Married

Carole and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the wedding of our friends Amy & Jack. A sweeter couple you will not meet. We were very happy to be able to attend their wedding and both of us had arranged to have the day off to be at the ceremony.
The wedding was held at Amy & Jack's house in Spartanburg. Well, I knew from photos posted online that their new place was very nice, but I had no idea just how nice until we got there. The home is located in an exceptionally pretty neighborhood, the likes of which most of us would love to live in, but few of us could afford. I figured Jack did okay as a metals engineer, but he must be a whiz-kid!

We met Jack's parents and Amy's parents. Amy's dad, in addition to giving away the bride, also brought in his crew to man the portable barbecue pit and cook the pork and turkey. Jack's dad was also a very cool dude--he had read and enjoyed my novel, so that puts him foremost in my estimation! The crowd was really large for the wedding, as you would assume for a ceremony involving two such sweet and gracious individuals.

After Carole and I had been at the place for a while, I asked Jack if he could give us a tour of the house. What a great place they have! It was the personal home of an architect, and I'll be damned if I could find so much as one millimeter of wasted space in that amazing structure. The house, quite simply, is huge. The kind of house that I would love to own. If Jack ever invites you there, you'll be impressed, believe me.

Another cool part of the wedding was that so much of the chores were filled by family members and friends. The officiating minister was Leland, known to some of Jack's hiking crew as Pressley. Another very sweet person. The position of photographer was filled by yet another of Jack's hiking buddies. Carole and I acted as guests, eaters of food, and drinkers of Diet Coke and beer.

We had a great time being at this very special event. I always enjoy attending the weddings of two nice folk such as Jack & Amy.

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