Sunday, April 06, 2008

First Magnitude

When I was just out of high school back in the haze of the 1970s, I discovered Ichetucknee Springs in Florida. It's what's known as a first magnitude spring. Hundreds of millions of gallons of pure, fresh water welling up from the limestone underpinnings of Florida to create whole rivers that flow clear as fine glass for dozens of miles. Spending a day or a weekend floating and swimming and exploring these places is nothing less than a pleasure at its purest.

Since my wife and I spend the Lion's share of our vacation time in the mountains, we try to vary the leisure menu with a trip to the low country. So, in a few weeks we're heading down to Blue Springs State Park not far from Orlando. We won't go to Orland0--you can keep that urban blight and the amusement parks for yourself, thanks--but will spend our days exploring Blue Springs, the St. Johns River, and various other first and second magnitude springs in the central Florida region.

It's what we do.


dogboy443 said...

Strike that Super-Hero pose Bob! Super Smith is on the case!

HemlockMan said...

That was on the Silver River, which emerges, huge and deep, from the famous Silver Springs. What's so amazing about it is not so much the crystal clarity of the water, but the sheer volume of it.