Friday, June 15, 2007

Cat Karma?

Almost every writer I know has at least one cat. We had three. Cinnamon, our oldest, died after 20 years. Callie, our youngest, vanished one day. We don't know what happened to her. Sophie, our middle cat, and weirdest cat, grew very happy with being the only cat in the household. She loves it, in fact. Always quirky, she came into her own once she was Lady and High Mistress of the home.

Last week, a young stray cat showed up at our door. A very sweet cat that was obviously accustomed to lots of attention. She's quite affectionate. As she was hungry and rather disheveled, we bathed her and fed her and set her up a place in the garage. We don't want the cats mixing until we've had a chance to take her to the vet for shots and a checkup.

At any rate, Sophie is NOT HAPPY with the arrival of the new cat (we've named her Molly). Every time she sees Molly through the front door or the garage door, she puffs up and hisses. Hopefully, she'll be a lot friendlier once Molly is settled in for good.

For now, though, Sophie is not the happy cat. We've mentioned the concept of karma to her, but she's having none of that.


Kat Lover said...

Cat Karma is a real thing. I only wish I had known that when i acquired Ting Ting five years ago. She was just a kitten, wondering around an apartment complex parking lot and she came up to me. She was too cute and young to be outside. So, after contemplating if I should take her to the apartment manager's office or leave her there, she ran underneath a car. I then knew I had to take her home. I was afraid she would be run over. She became the light of our sweet, loving.

Upon bringing Ting Ting home, our 8year old cak, Squeak, went into a depression. Stopped eating. We finally got her back to feeling normal but she never came back totally. She lost a lot of weight but adapted to having another cat in the house.

Five years later, another kitty came into our lives. Punkin's mother had died and she had been fostered by another mother kitty. Our neighbors brought her over during a neighborhood gathering in the whim that someone would adopt her. Obviously, we did. I have never had a cat that was so sweet, gregarious, innocent, and loving. She was immediately "our baby". We took her to the vet and all checked out. Then, Ting Ting stopped eating. She wouldn't have anything to do with the new cat. Did she think she had been abandoned? After 3 months we took her to the vet. She was in renal failure. A week in the vet's office and $1200 later, we had to have her put to sleep. We cried. What had we done wrong? We only brought another cat into the house and still gave her the attention she desired. Squeak, at this point, was oblivious to another cat in the house.

Then, after just a year of getting Punkin, she was hit by a car (Don't tell me not to let a cat out, I've learned my lesson). I am still devestated after a year by this loss.

And, today, Squeak went to kitty heaven. After 15 years and being in renal failure for the last 6 months, it was time.

I can go on about the other cats. Leon, the baddest, smartest, cat was attacked by a wild animal or dog.

So, that's 4 cats in the last 4 years. I'm beginning to think I I have bad cat karma. Should I have a bad cat karma exorcisism? I want to adopt two more kitties but now I'm afraid.

Kat Lover

HemlockMan said...

Sorry to hear about the older cats. All part of the cycle of life. By all means adopt new cats.

We had one cat for over 20 years. Their personalities add much to our own lives.