Thursday, April 27, 2017

Out in the Sticks!

Well, I won't be able to post on my blog for a couple of weeks. Carole and I will be very busy taking a much-needed vacation in Florida. No, we won't visit amusement parks. We'll avoid crowded beaches. You won't find us shopping or driving in a busy city.

What we'll do is what we always do when we're in Florida: seeking out forested places with lots of natural beauty and plenty of wildlife. I hope to photograph and take videos of many creatures. Birding in Florida is about as good as it gets. Yes, we'll likely see more than our fair share of alligators, snakes, and turtles--the place is paradise for reptiles.

So, Carole and I will be out in the sticks. Our kayaks will get a lot of use. My cameras will record thousands of images. I tend to take two to three thousand photos of a trip of this length. Since Carole is one of the world's best campground cooks, we'll eat well. I rarely lose weight on these vacations. Even if I go off hiking by myself, Carole will stay at camp and prepare some fantastic meal that will be waiting when I get home.

We may break free from the forests one day and ride into Panama City to eat at Angelo's Steak Pit. But that will be the only time we do anything of that nature.

Look for many photos and some video when we return.

Our camping rig. Nissan Frontier, Casita travel trailer, kayaks.

Kayaks employed.

Da boids.

Almost totally white deer.

Hiking in a Florida forest.

School of mullet at Silver Glenn Springs.

Cotton mouth moccasins (very dangerous) at Tate's Hell State Forest.

Carole cooks kick-ass meals when we camp.

Probably the biggest alligator I've seen in Florida. At Wakulla Springs State Park.
In a crystal clear spring on Ecofina Creek.

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