Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hiatus? What hiatus?

Whoa. For those loyal readers who stop here to see what's up, my apologies. I have been ill off and on and haven't been able to post. Also, my computer modem was on the fritz. I had to use my cell phone and tablet to access the Internet and those are not, of course, conducive to posting material on this blog.

For today, just some images as place holders. I'll have some decent content online here in a day or so.

As everyone knows who heard my whining last year, the horrible fires in Glacier National Park in August of 2015 chased away most of the wildlife. This was one of only two bears I saw in the Park while I was there. This one was in Many Glacier and was VERY far away. Just a classic black phase black bear. He was, however, quite healthy and was already putting on fat for the winter ahead.

This is Big Spring in Missouri. One of the largest freshwater springs in North America. From a trip in 2008.

I took this one a couple of years back. When I was a kid gazing up at the Moon in expectation of the impending Apollo 11 Mission, I would have killed to have had a camera capable of this kind of image. Now you can buy a camera that can do this for $50 on Ebay.

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