Sunday, January 04, 2015


Andy had asked me if we were going to be anywhere near Badlands National Park on our way to Glacier. I honestly didn't know and so took another look at the computer-generated route I'd planned for the drive. And, sure enough, we have to all but drive right through the Park.

He was asking because he has wanted to visit that Park for a long time. So we'll be spending at least most of a day there, perhaps even staying overnight. Plans are still in gestation. Today, Andy and I went to the local REI store so that he could buy a new sleeping bag and some other stuff. I hadn't planned to get anything, but as I browsed the map shelves (it's the first place I hit when I walk into an REI store) I saw a National Geographic map for Badlands National Park for less than six dollars--on sale! So I nabbed it.

What struck me first is that the Park doesn't have many official trails. Most backpackers and hikers just strike out across country, I assume. But there are some marked trails, one or two of which I am sure we'll hike.

At any rate, I have even more research to do before we head out for Glacier National Park. I'll notch another great American National Park on my list. I'm quite happy about that.

"$5.93??!!" SNAG!
Not my photo. But now I understand why Andy wants to see this place.


Kent Tankersley said...

When we drove to Yellowstone with my parents we got off the Interstate to make a quick detour through the Badlands (think it was only a National Monument at the time). I remember at one overlook there was a trail I started a short ways down and really, really wanted to keep going, you know, explore that landscape some more. But we had to keep on going, so I got back in the truck. Never been back.

James Robert Smith said...

Yes, I know that feeling! Time is our enemy.