Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day Off Tomorrow.

My feet are bleeding. Really. All of that walking...sometimes it does that. Two and a half more years and it stops, of course. But until then...shit. It's horrible. Sometimes one or another of my toenails will turn black from the pressure and fall off. Just fall the fuck off and then it takes a new one about six months to grow back. The toenail on my left big toe the foot doctor finally just destroyed to spare me from further suffering. He killed it at the root so that it will never grow back and get my fucking toe infected again. Zap.

So...tomorrow is my day off. I get to rest my bleeding feet for a bit. But I'm not completely off the hook. I have to drive out to pick up our travel trailer and take it to the folk who service it so that they can fix the leak in the water tank and put on a new awning. We reeeeeeeeeeeeeally didn't like camping without an awning. I thought we wouldn't miss it that much, but we did. We decided not to replace it with the Fiamma and have opted to get a Dometic brand awning.

Our Casita, sans awning.

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