Monday, March 03, 2014


Some years back when my son was still in grammar school, he had a pal whose parents were born in the Philippines. His mom and dad wouldn't let their son associate with other kids until they'd met the other kids' parents. So the boy's dad met me to talk about his kid coming over to visit Andy. Somehow during the conversation the boys mentioned Godzilla. The other kid's father said, "Well, you like Godzilla."

And I said, "I like Godzilla, too!" Then I paused. "Heck. I don't like Godzilla--I LOVE Godzilla!"

The fellow's eyes grew round as saucers. "What?! You like that silly stuff?!" He was incredulous. He never let his kid come over again.

Yeah, I own one. I built it. I keep it in my office.


Stephen Kozeniewski said...

When I "ran shit" at the substance abuse clinic (read: there was no supervisor and nobody cared what I did) I kept a Godzilla 2000 poster on the wall. During an inspection a social worker asked me what Godzilla had to do with drug treatment. I think I said, "Eh, you know, he's just cool."

James Robert Smith said...

And he is! (Or 'she' is. A Japanese guy once insisted to me that Godzilla was "a woman". He was adamant about it. "Godzilla lay egg," he said.)