Monday, August 13, 2012

Self-Publishing Plague

If you're self-published, you're not an author. You're part of a disease that's running through the world of publishing. It could be that you're the plague, in which case you'll run your course and subside. It could be that you're terminal cancer, in which case the industry and literature itself is doomed. Or you could be HIV and we'll have to find a way to subdue the effects and just live with you. Hopefully, though, you're more something like diarrhea and a healthy flushing will finish you off.

Rattus Self-Publishus.


The DPS Kid said...

Bob I wanted to throw this at you. Please believe it is not an indictment of authorship. I promise you this on my Mother's grave but I wanted you to read it just because of what you do and what it's taken for you to get where you are. That's all brother.

I'm off for two weeks. See you again on the 27th.


HemlockMan said...

Two weeks! Lucky man! I'll be heading for two weeks of backpacking in Colorado soon after you return.

Ebook ripoff. Another bugaboo from the new monstrous world of publishing.