Monday, December 19, 2011

Steve Ditko Pre-Hero Marvel Jackpot

One of my favorite comic book dealers is Earl Shaw. I like buying from him because his prices are almost always more than fair (when compared to the larger market), and he never forgets a want list, even if he's just carrying it somewhere in the back of his mind.

So it was that he knew that I was out for lots of issues of the pre-hero Marvels that I've written about here in the past. But this was a really large chunk of what I was looking for, and was--for me--a major outlay of money. Especially considering that this is the holiday season and I was already buying a lot of stuff for gifts.

But this was all for me and I caved and worked out a deal to get them.

In all, I landed 55 issues of books that I mainly needed. A few were duplicates of issues I already have, but I'll sell those off on Ebay and use the money to buy other books. So without further comment, here are some of the scanned covers of books I picked up yesterday at Rick and Dave's Charlotte ComiCon.

TALES OF SUSPENSE #1. I had tried to buy this book a number of times on Ebay in the past couple of years. But I was always outbid. Heck with that. Now I have the issue, albeit in lower grade. But that's okay, because most of the issues I'd previously bid on were in about this same condition.

TALES OF SUSPENSE #3. All of the single-digit issues of Tales of Suspense are tough to find and even harder to win in auction. This one is a very good addition to my collection.

TALES OF SUSPENSE #4. I'm now only missing one out of the first ten issues of Tales of Suspense. And I'm sure I'll be able to land a copy of that one (#2) within the next few months.


Kirk G said...

I know it ain't the same, but you could have invested $20 into the first volume of the Atlas Era masterworks, and scored the first ten issues in a hardbound volume! That would have allowed you to pick up the second, third and fourth volumes cheap as well!

James Robert Smith said...

That ain't fun!