Saturday, July 19, 2008

Work, work, work, work, work, work, work!

Since I rarely post anything here about my job, I figured I could post a few photographs of where I work.

This here is my "case". This is the small space where I collate the mail that's going out to the customers to whom I deliver each day. As you can see, I have decorated my case with some things to break the monotony. You've probably noticed the photo I printed of W. Moron Bush kissing Prince Fahd. Oy.

(If you embiggen this photo by clicking on it, you will see Wayne Sallee's infamous "four sticks".)

This is the view I get of the station when I turn around to see who's breathing down my back.

Part of our break room. Each morning I spend ten minutes in here violating photographs of Republican politicians.

After I deliver mail to the businesses at the mall, I head over to this apartment complex.

Often during the summertime when the humidity is high and the temperatures are in the mid-90s, as they were today, I spend quite the miserable time schlepping mail. On such days the sky is gun-metal gray rather than the blue that Mother Nature intended. This is due to the photochemical haze that human industry pumps into the skies. However, today the sky was a brilliant blue that was striking in its intensity. I suspect this may have had something to do with Tropical Storm Cristobal that had just formed off the South Carolina coast. Not sure. For whatever reason, though, the skies were crystalline and numbingly beautiful. It made working in the heat much more pleasant.


dogboy443 said...

It's fresh out of a Bukowsky novel!!!

HemlockMan said...

Things have changed very darned little since Buk's days at USPS!