Friday, February 01, 2008

People are Strange

I have watched with great amusement over the years of the Internet how easily people let their emotions (mainly anger) get to them when they encounter ideas and statements that are new or threatening to them. It’s all very weird to me.

If one says something against a person’s nation, state, county, city, or even neighborhood, there is likely to be some rage involved. As I feel no particular love of any one place above another, I find such anger to be quite funny.

If one says something counter to a person’s religious beliefs, that person is likely to become very agitated, especially if their religion is a monotheistic one. Again, as I have no religion, I find such agitation to be either quite funny or fairly disturbing.

Another way to enrage the average Homo sapiens is to speak disparagingly of dogs. This one evokes more anger than belittling a native place or a religion. In fact, the love of canines seems to cross all place loyalties and all religions (or even lack of religion). If you speak ill of dogs to an atheist, you are likely to encounter just as much anger from that person as from a devoutly religious one. This leads me to wonder if love of all things Bowser is akin to religion. Very damned strange.

In short, if you want to start a fight, the comment most likely to instigate conflict would be:

“Your city sucks ass, and only a (fill in the religion) such as you would want to live there. And by the way, your dog should be put to sleep.”

Guaranteed to kick up some dust.

You guys amuse me.


dogboy443 said...

As a board member and active volunteer for a Greyhound Rescue group for 9 years, I do have a tender spot about the care and welfare for our 4 legged friends.

HemlockMan said...

I, too, love dogs. Well...I like them. I especially like the rescued greyhounds I used to encounter on my routes--I don't know if I've ever met sweeter dogs.

Mark Martin said...

Have you ever noticed that shirt you are wearing looks very reptilian?

Just an observation. I had to look again because at first I thought it was actually MEANT to look like scales.

It's a nice shirt. And plus, it looks reptilian.

What more could you ask of a shirt?

HemlockMan said...

I love that shirt! My wife bought it for me!

I have a red one that's quite like it. I have to be careful not to show too much affection for a shirt. If I do, and wear it relatively often, my wife will give it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Don't ask me why.