Thursday, October 04, 2007

I wrote this poem five years ago just after what I thought was the worst drought I'd ever see here in the South. But here it is 2007, and we're suffering from a drought even worse than the one in 2002.

At any rate, I figured it was appropriate that I repost this poem.

Drought of oh-two
James Robert Smith

The clouds gathered,
dark. And they muttered
softly, to the Earth’s
upturned face,
like a man telling lies
to a young girl,
promising love.
Then, those clouds,
like a deceitful lover,
fled over distant hills,
And whatever had been planted,
whatever was sown,
in that parched, despairing
would just have to
make do.


Mark Martin said...

That stinking drought killed the miracle fruit farm in Florida! Now I gotta wait EIGHT YEARS for my bush to bear fruit!

HemlockMan said...

That's one bush I'd like to see meet extinction!