Sunday, March 18, 2007


I wrote this as a comment at another blog. Seems appropriate to post the brief bit here:

When I was in college just after high school, there was a retired Air Force pilot in one of my classes. He recounted how, during a heart operation, he KNEW that he was floating above the operating table looking down on his own body and the physicians and nurses.

A classmate said, "Man! You had an out of body experience!"

And the pilot said, "No, I had a goddamned hallucination, you dumbass.

I don't recall that pilot's name, but he remains foremost in my mind as a right thinker.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Still not certain how I saw that day in 1989, Bob. To me, an out of body experience would be me floating above myself and staring down. I was still in my body, just hanging out with David Janssen. It was a dream more than a hallucination. PS You need to email your correct email address, I lost the one you sent when my computer crashed.

HemlockMan said...

Will do, Wayne.