Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Casino Royale

I've never been a James Bond movie fan. In fact, I've only sat through two of them--one Roger Moore and one Pierce Brosnan. I was never much impressed with the Bond films, except that most of them seem to have kickass opening credits and some really nifty action sequences.

So I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I went to see the new Bond movie featuring a new actor in the role of James Bond.

It was really cool.

Go see it.

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Kirk G said...

I have got to tell you that this version of Casino Royale is absolutely faithful to the short first novel that it was drawn from. They've updated it slightly to keep up with technology, but it's the same core story, once you get past the 007 qualification prequel. Ian Flemming never had any idea that he was going to keep writing this character. He thought he was done in one and over with.
How surprised he was when President Kennedy listed among his ten favorite books the novel "From Russia With Love"...and immediately the bond series took off. Ian Flemming never thought Sean Conrey was right for the part. Plus, he never saw the heights to which the series would soar without him. He died as Goldfinger was in production...in 1964, having just finished the first draft of "The Man With The Golden Gun" which was published without his colorful second polishing that adds all the colour. Flemming had killed off James Bond at least three times in the books, not wanting to right him anymore. But the publisher and public kept demanding more, so he retired to his estate "Goldeneye" and wrote more.