Saturday, September 17, 2011

Information, Please!

One great thing about the Internet is its wealth of information. I do appreciate the depth of research I'm able to do with a great amount of ease. In the old days I would have to dig through a number of libraries and often wait for books to be transferred from one branch to another, sometimes from one system to another. In that respect, I really do enjoy the Internet and electronic text.

One thing that I have learned over the past couple of decades is that the American news media is a platform for corporate propaganda, and so I long ago discounted our native news sources as anything more than packs of right wing lies. It got to the point where even so-called "liberal" sources such as NPR became nothing more than echo chambers for the rich and powerful.

Thus, I found that I had to turn to international news for my sources of trying to decode what's going on in the world. As far as I can tell, there is not a single American news source that's anything more than a hand's breadth from plutocratic lies.

Here, then, are the major places where I look for news and, quite often, analysis of the politics of Mankind. (I admit to an Anglo bias, but that's because English is my first language and the only other language I even
barely know (German) is too sketchy to depend on my grasp of it.

The CIA WORLD FACTBOOK. OK. This one really isn't "news". It's kept up-to-date, and I find it to be a most valuable research tool. This is a great source for just basic information about all of the world's nations. Yes, it's American, but as it's published by a Federal agency that takes its job seriously (the CIA), it's actually a good place to go to get just the facts, ma'am.

Al Jazeerah. Strikingly objective. Yeah, there are some lines they won't cross, but by and large I can depend on getting the straight story from this source.

BBC. These guys used to produce a more even-handed presentation, but lately they've begun to lean quite heavily to the right. A few years ago they were the best, but now they're missing the mark and descending into American-style right wing propaganda.

El Pais. The thing about European right wing sources is that they're thousands of times more honest than American right wing sources of news. I often find unbiased reporting from this technically right wing rag.

SPIEGEL. A reasonable and moderate voice.

New Statesman. This is a good source of news, although they tend toward hero-worship and the fawning over the rich and famous that colors so much of the secondary British press.

Haaretz. Another surprisingly objective source of news. It's often home to some extremist gobbledygook, but generally I can go here to find some really good news.

RIA Novisti. As far as I've been able to discern, this is the best Russian news source on the Internet. So much of the Russian press is borderline crazy that it's refreshing to see a truly professional outlook and some actual fact-checking.

The Telegraph. Official newspaper of the Conservative Party of the UK. As I said, even right wing papers in Europe are often refreshingly objective, even when it comes to their own. I can depend on these assholes to often present the truth.

The Guardian. Official newspaper of the Labour Party of the UK. As with so many British news sources, these folk spend far too much time drooling over the rich and famous. But more often than not I can look here to read something other than crappy propaganda.

The Independent. Their schtick is that they're "independent" of either the Left or the Right. That's not entirely true, and they seem to tilt slightly to the right. But they do have Robert Fisk, one of the best voices in the European press. So I keep going to them for fresh outlooks.

Venezuelanalysis. The most obviously left-wing of all of my news sources. However, they're the best place for me to see what's going on in Central and South America without being unduly influenced by pro-corporate stooges.

If you're getting your news from such USA news sources as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc., then you're getting nothing but news spoon-fed to you by the corporations who run our energy, banking, and insurance industries. If so, you're being filled with lies. Go abroad for anything approaching a true and objective source of information regarding current events and science.

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