Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Support Indie Writers!

Here are where to buy cool books by underdog authors, all of whom I quite like:

Eric S. Brown is a fellow North Carolina horror author whose Bigfoot monster book is tearing up the indie publishing charts! Buy BIGFOOT WARS. Help Eric Brown make the move to full-time writer! (Marvel Comics...HIRE THIS GUY!)

David Moody showed how to use the Internet to both self-publish radical new horror and how to break out of the pack by writing kickass full-on great action with a twist! I heartily recommend AUTUMN, HATER, and DOG BLOOD! (I feel certain I could recommend his other books, but I haven't read them yet!)

Len Barnhart pretty much started the zombie novel in modern times with his iUniverse book REIGN OF THE DEAD! I feel lucky to have been one of his initial group of fans and nabbed that cool book when it first appeared. Since Len wrote REIGN, dozens of other writers were able to follow up his take with their own interpretations of the zombie plague. Mr. Barnhart was surfing the wave before anyone else even knew the wave was coming to shore.

Another guy who kicked up the undead dust by taking his career in hand and doing it his own way was David Wellington who was one of the first to proclaim "I write zombie novels!". And apparently damned proud of that fact. You can't do much better for pure pulp fiction than his first zombie tome, MONSTER ISLAND. Buy up some monstrous fun from Mr.Wellington!

And, of course, while yer at it...buy my books, also:

THE FLOCK, a great eco-thriller and one of the best crypto-fiction novels around!

And THE LIVING END, a really cool take on the whole Romero Zombie Mythos!

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